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Solar PV, Electrical & Roofing Services

From our base in Swindon, UK we specialise in the testing, repair and maintenance of solar PV systems, including any related electrical and roofing work.


Solar Panel Repairs

Solar Power System Repairs

Problems with a solar power system? Solar panels not working? Solar Inverter Fault? Solar Meter not moving? Established in 2007, we are one of the longest serving renewable energy companies around and experts at fixing all things Solar.

If you have an issue, any issue with a solar PV system and are currently without an installer then we can help. This includes anything electrical, testing, fault finding, solar repairs and replacements to/for cables, isolators, solar generation meters, solar inverters, batteries and connectors; anything involved with the day to day electrical maintenance and repair of solar PV systems of any size.

DC Surge Protection Solar PV Systems

Solar PV Surge Protection (DC Surge Protection)

DC surge protection devices (SPDs) are installed between the solar panels and the solar inverter to protect both the solar inverter and the downstream electrical equipment from transient overvoltages of an atmospheric origin impacting the electrical system via the DC side of the system / the solar panels.

DC Surge protectors are in compliance with the recently updated 18th edition amendment 2 of BS7671.

Solar Inverter Replacement

Solar Inverter Replacements

If you have a faulty solar PV inverter, we offer an efficient, value for money, hassle free solar inverter replacement service. We offer good advice and install quality equipment with comprehensive warranty and support options. We will test the rest of the solar PV system as part of the service, take care of all hardware deliveries, record the new unit's serial number and confirm the warranty details with the manufacturer.

Our solar electricians work cleanly and will dispose of any unwanted boxes, faulty equipment and packaging.

Mains/AC Surge Protection Solar PV Systems

Mains/Grid Isolation and Surge Protection

A whole house surge protector is installed to provide protection from transient overvoltages originating from the mains/grid. A whole house surge protector is installed directly inline and as close as possible to the mains/supply meter, this allows for surge protection for all circuits and equipment including solar inverters, routers, stereos and other sensitive electrical equipment within the network. The addition of a 100Amp lockable isolator also allows for safe and convenient isolation of all electrical equipment within the network including consumer units, solar inverters, battery storage units and EV chargers from the mains/grid in one place.

Surge protectors are in compliance with the recently updated 18th edition amendment 2 of BS7671.

Solar Power System Testing

Solar Power System Testing, Servicing & Maintenance

Complete safety and performance testing and servicing for solar PV power systems of any size. Includes solar panels, cables, solar inverters, isolators and mains connections.

Regular system testing and maintenance ensures that the solar power system is always safe and compliant, that guarantee conditions are met and that the system is always working at it's best.

Solar Generation Meter Replacement

Solar PV Generation Meter / Feed in tariff (FIT) Meter Replacement

Occasionally solar PV generation meters fail. The good news is that replacing them is a straightforward process; but to avoid FIT payment delays and complications it's important to let the FIT provider know that the solar generation meter has been changed.

Here we outline the process and also some diagnostics that can be carried out to confirm that the fault is with the solar generation meter and not a symptom of a fault elswhere with the solar PV system.

Solar Roof Repairs - Rainf

Solar Roof Repair - Repairs to roofs where solar panels are installed

A poorly designed and installed solar PV system can cause terrible damage to roofs, which over time can allow moisture to enter and further damage the structure of buildings. Cracked tiles, poor flashing work, damaged underlay, battens and rafters, use of incorrect fixings, poor installation methods, there's a lot that can and has gone wrong when installing solar panels onto roofs.

We are flexible when it comes to fixing solar roofs, we already work with and are known by many local roofers and builders and welcome the opportunity to work with more. We also have capable and experienced roofers in house and are happy to work with homeowners, landlords, farmers, anyone interested in repairing a solar damaged roof directly.

Solar Bird Guard Installationt

Solar Panel Bird Guard Installation

Pigeons, other birds and squirrels are annoying and dangerous when they get under a solar PV system. Droppings on the panels shade the cells and reduce performance, droppings on connectors prematurely age and damage them, unsecured cables get bent and stretched. In general it's not a good situation for creatures to be living under a solar PV system. If they are causing problems, have damaged or risk damaging the solar PV system or the roof, you would like them removed, the system tidied up and creatures permanently prevented from gaining access underneath the panels, then we can help.

Generator Changeover Switch Installation

Changeover Switch (for portable / home generators) Installation

When you're temporarily without a mains electrical supply and need power for essential loads such as alarms, communications equipment, fridges and freezers, you just can't beat having a portable diesel/LPG generator and fuel on stand by.

A changeover switch allows you to manually and safely isolate the mains electrical supply in one place. Once the mains is isolated, only then will this allow a standby or portable generator to power any downstream essential loads, with no risk of backfeeding electricity to the grid.

At the same time as installing the changeover switch, we will ensure that all the earthing and the existing electrical safety equipment such as MCBs and RCD will continue to work correctly when the loads are being powered by the generator. We will also be pleased to install the sockets where portable / home generators can be plugged in.

Recycling Solar Panels and Equipment

Solar Equipment Recycling - Recycling Solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries

Solar equipment contain valuable materials such as copper and aluminium, these materials are in high demand and recycling them is significantly less energy intensive than extracting them from ore.

If you find yourself with damaged or faulty solar equipment, we will be pleased to help you recycle it.

  • There is no charge for this service but all costs involved with decommissioning and transportation are covered by you.
  • If you're delivering equipment to us in person, although it's usually no trouble to arrange other days, the most convenient time for us is between 9am and 2pm on a Saturday, please let us know of your visit with an approximate time in advance.
  • We do not buy or sell used solar equipment or parts. For UK buyers and sellers, we've found ebay to be the best place for buying and selling used solar equipment and parts.
  • We can accept deliveries by courier at all times throughout the week but please contact us before you arrange this.



What Our Customers Say:

"Excellent service. We contacted Glen when our solar PV system stopped working. His response was prompt, he explained all we needed to know and got the system up and running after just a matter of days. Glen was friendly, professional and most of all reliable and we would have no hesitation in highly recommending him." Fran Armstrong, Market Lavington

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Case Studies

We've carried out Solar PV System design, installation, testing, repair and maintenance work on solar PV systems of all shapes and sizes all across the UK.

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Areas Served:

We are located in Wanborough, very close to Swindon in Wiltshire, Southern England, UK. From here we service clients within a 90 minute driving radius including the towns, cities and regions below:

Swindon: Abingdon, Aldbourne, Amesbury, Andover, Banbury, Basingstoke, Bath, Berkshire, Bicester, Blunsdon, Box, Bracknell, Bradford on Avon, Bridgwater, Bristol, Buckingham, Burford, Burnham on Sea, Calne, Camberley, Cardiff, Carterton, Cheltenham, Chippenham, Chipping Norton, Chipping Sodbury, Cirencester, Corsham, Cricklade, Devizes, Didcot, Evesham, Eynsham, Faringdon, Frome, Fleet, Glastonbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Henley-on-Thames, Highclere, Highworth, Hook, Hungerford, Keynsham, Kingsclere, Lambourn, Lechlade, Ledbury, Ludgershall, Lyneham, Maidenhead, Malmesbury, Marlborough, Marshfield, Melksham, Minety, Newbury, Newport, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Pewsey, Purton, Ramsbury, Reading, Ross on Wye, Royal Wootton Bassett, Salisbury, Shaftesbury, Shalbourne, Slough, Southampton, Stow, Stratford upon Avon, Stroud, Swindon, Tewkesbury, Thatcham, Tidworth, Trowbridge, Wanborough, Wantage, Warminster, Weston Super Mare, Wiltshire, Winchester, Windsor, Witney, Wokingham, Worcester, Wroughton and Yate.

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