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Replacement Inverters for Solar PV Systems

A solar PV system inverter replacement is not always an expense that people look forward to, but the good news is that the replacement process is quick and straightforward, hopefully not as expensive as you might think, and once taken care of, you will have set the solar PV system up for many more years of hassle free operation.

We will explain everything, the process, all of the options and anything else that you would like to know. The end result will be a fully serviced, tested and working solar PV system, a new inverter under warranty and access to a reliable solar installer who knows the system, that you can call on whenever you need to.

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Solis 4G Series Solar PV Inverter

Service Schedule:

Diagnosing Faults: Faults can be diagnosed by you (a good place to start with this can be found here: Solar Inverter Faults & Warnings), over the phone or after a site visit. Please Contact us to arrange this.

New Inverter Selection If a new inverter is needed, we help to specify a correctly sized, priced and featured inverter. We are not tied to any manufacturer and are able to supply and or install a wide range of different inverters, however for different reasons, for systems 4kWp and under we usually recommend Series 6 and Mini Series 6 inverters from Solis or a Primo series inverter from Fronius.

Book Delivery & Installation: Inverters can usually be delivered and engineers scheduled to install within a few days. Our deliveries are tracked and we give accurate times for engineer visits, meaning you won't be asked to wait around.

Your Enquiry:

The best place to start is to send us an email or call us with any relevant information that you have available about the current inverter and the rest of the solar PV system, a list of things that we like to see (if available) is below:

Fronius Primo 3.6kW Solar PV Inverter
  • System size in Watts/Kilowatts: This is the maximumum DC power output that the PV system is capable of producing, measured in Watts (W). For example a PV system comprising of 16 x 250 Watt solar panels would have a maximum system size of 4000 Watts or 4 kilowatts (kW). This figure can be found on the system's MCS certificate.
  • The number, make and model of solar panels: The number and type of solar panels, along with how they have been wired together will determine the voltages (V) and current (A) that the replacement inverter will need to be able to work with.
  • The number of strings/circuits: Solar panels are electrically connected together to form strings/circuits, at the inverter end there will be 2 DC cables per circuit (1 positive, 1 negative). So for example if you were to look at the inverter, you might see 1 large cable which will be the mains (AC) and 4 smaller DC cables, this would be an indication that the system has 2 x DC strings/circuits. If solar panels are mounted on two or more different roofspaces there would likely be a string/circuit/pair of DC cables for each roofspace.
  • Pictures and wiring diagrams: Pictures are always really helpful, if you're able to take and email us a picture or two of the existing solar inverter with everything around it showing all the cables and if possible the nameplate on the current inverter and or you have wiring diagrams available, these will usually tell us everything we need to know.
  • Your address, the installation address (if different): In advance of your instruction, we will provide a written quotation referencing the installation address, we'll send the specifications of the new inverter and any other details specific to your order at the same time.

Equipment delivery and your availability: We are usually able to install replacement inverters within 5-10 days and wherever possible we like to send inverters out directly to clients to arrive a day or two before our visit. We can be flexible with all of this, so if we need to do things differently please let us know the details with your enquiry.

Solar PV Inverter Installation

System Testing: As part of the new inverter installation (if we haven't already done so) we will inspect, test and record the details of the rest of the solar PV installation.

Installation and Commissioning: We are unlikely to need to turn off the mains supply. The installation and commissioning of a solar PV inverter including system testing will usually take between 1-2 hours. We will let you know at the time of quotation if we are likely to need more time than this.

Finishing: When the system has been tested, the inverter installed and everything is working, Our engineers will clean the installation area and remove any unwanted boxes, faulty equipment and packaging.

We take care of any paperwork involved with warranties including recording serial numbers and confirming the installation date with the manufacturer.

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Mains/Grid Isolation and Surge Protection

Mains/AC Surge Protection Solar PV Systems

A whole house surge protector is installed to provide protection from transient overvoltages originating from the mains/grid. A whole house surge protector is installed directly inline and as close as possible to the incoming mains/grid supply meter, this allows for surge protection for all circuits and equipment including solar inverters, routers, stereos and other sensitive electrical equipment within the network. The addition of a 100Amp lockable isolator also allows for safe and convenient isolation of all electrical equipment within the network including consumer units, solar inverters, battery storage units and EV chargers from the mains/grid in one place.

Surge protectors are in compliance with the recently updated 18th edition amendment 2 of BS7671.

Mains/Grid Isolation and Surge Protection


Solar PV Surge Protection (DC Surge Protection)

DC Surge Protection Solar PV Systems

DC surge protection devices (SPDs) are installed between the solar panels and the solar inverter to protect both the inverter and the downstream electrical equipment from transient overvoltages of an atmospheric origin impacting the electrical system via the DC side of the system / the solar panels.

DC Surge protectors are in compliance with the recently updated 18th edition amendment 2 of BS7671.

Solar PV Surge Protection (DC Surge Protection)

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Articles: Further Information, Calculators & Inverter Fault Codes

Lots of articles, calculators and technical information including links for further reading. Covering a range of topics related to the installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic and electrical systems in the UK.

Solar PV Information Articles

How to provide power to a house using a portable generator

In this article we show you how to power your home using a portable diesel, petrol or LPG generator. We look at changeover switches, the importance of earthing, generator loadings, how to isolate non essential loads. We ask where to locate the generator when it's in operation, how best to safely isolate the mains supply and switch to a generator supply.

Surge Protection for UK Solar PV Systems

Recent changes to the BS7671 UK Wiring Regulations 18th Edition in the form of amendment 2 have introduced requirements and considerations for surge protection on both the AC and DC side of a solar PV System. In this article we take a look at surge protection, particularly in the context of the updated UK wiring regulations and how surge protection could best be incorporated into new and existing solar PV systems installed in the UK

Mains Power Supplies & Earthing Systems

Mains Supply and Earthing Systems: Location & accessability, supply systems, earthing, bonding, labelling, installing RCDs.

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What Our Customers Say:

"Inverter broke down, contacted Glen, on his advice new inverter delivered within days. Glen then came and fitted new inverter within 90 mins, works perfectly. Glen is very friendly very efficient, really knows his work. Can highly recommend Glen, any other problems with solar system and Glen will be the one I call." - Carl Tyler, Salisbury

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Case Studies

We've carried out Solar PV System design, installation, testing, repair and maintenance work on solar PV systems of all shapes and sizes all across the UK.

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Areas Served:

We are located in Wanborough, very close to Swindon in Wiltshire, Southern England, UK. From here we service clients within a 90 minute driving radius including the towns, cities and regions below:

Swindon: Abingdon, Aldbourne, Andover, Banbury, Basingstoke, Bath, Berkshire, Bicester, Blunsdon, Box, Bracknell, Bradford on Avon, Bristol, Burford, Calne, Camberley, Carterton, Cheltenham, Chippenham, Chipping Norton, Chipping Sodbury, Cirencester, Corsham, Cricklade, Devizes, Didcot, Evesham, Faringdon, Fleet, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Henley-on-Thames, Highclere, Highworth, Hook, Hungerford, Keynsham, Kingsclere, Lambourn, Lechlade, Lyneham, Maidenhead, Malmesbury, Marlborough, Marshfield, Melksham, Minety, Newbury, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Pewsey, Purton, Ramsbury, Reading, Royal Wootton Bassett, Salisbury, Shalbourne, Slough, Stow, Swindon, Tewkesbury, Thatcham, Trowbridge, Wanborough, Wantage, Warminster, Wiltshire, Winchester, Windsor, Witney, Wokingham, Worcester, Wroughton and Yate.

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