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Solar PV, Electrical & Roofing Systems

Trade and DIY welcome

Deliveries are quick, tracked and accurate, technical support (by phone and on site if needed) and design/product advice is available, the recording and collating of serial numbers, factory and other test results, manuals any other information required for equipment warranties, add ons and extensions is included.


Solar PV Inverters

Solar PV Inverters

Trade and DIY installers welcome, Inverters available for replacements as well as for new systems.

  • Central, String, Hybrid and Micro-Inverters
  • Quick, accurate and tracked deliveries
  • Inverters available for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Inverter warranties available from 5-25 years
  • Technical support (on and off-site) and advice available as needed

Inverters from Solis, Fronius, SMA, SolarEdge and others

Solar PV Generation Meter / Feed in Tariff (FIT) Meter

Solar PV Generation Meters

Single phase, 100A, Solar PV Generation / Feed in Tariff (FIT) Meters

  • Large easy to read display
  • Internal battery allows meter data to be accessed when the mains supply is off
  • Records invoicing data for 12 months, records generation data for 6 months
  • Auto troubleshooting: Cover open, low battery warning, clock error
  • Lockout security kit, optical port and meter collars
  • MID approved / OFGEM approved for use with Solar PV Feed in Tarrifs (FITs)

Button scrolls through: Date, Time, Total Generation (kWh), Maximum Generation (kW) and when this was recorded.

AC Surge Protection and Isolation

Mains/Grid Supply Isolator/Main Switch and Surge Protection

Isolate the property's entire electrical system from the grid/mains in one place with built in surge protection

  • Designed to be installed inline with and close to the mains/supply Meter
  • Used to conveniently isolate the entire electrical system including consumer units, solar PV systems, EV chargers and energy storage systems from the mains in one place
  • Incoming AC surge protection protects all of the internal electrical system including solar PV inverters, energy storage units, routers, sound equipment and other sensitive equipment from transient overvoltages originating from the mains/grid
  • 100Amp, Rated Short Circuit Current: 25kA, Maximum discharge current: 40kA
  • Lockable isolator, suitable for meter tails up to 35mm
  • Type 2 Surge protectors with status indicators
  • Large metal case(s) - Available in 2 form factors, compliant with 18th addition, second amendment, BS7671
DC Surge Protection for Solar Panels

DC Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for Solar PV Systems

  • Designed to be installed betwen the solar panels and the inverter
  • Incoming DC surge protection protects the solar PV inverter and all downstream electrical equipment from transient overvoltages of an atmospheric origin via the solar panels
  • 1000V DC, Voltage Protection Level: 4kV, Rated Short Circuit Current: 1kA, Maximum discharge current: 40kA
  • Type 2 Surge protectors with status indicators
  • Single MPPT or dual string MPPT options
  • Compliant with 18th addition, second amendment, BS7671
Solar PV Panels, Modules & laminates

Solar PV Panels, Modules & PV Laminates

  • A choice of quality and proven solar PV panels, supplied with strong warranties and test results
  • Available individually for replacements, per project or per pallet
  • Quick, accurate and tracked deliveries
  • We can source many different sizes and types of panel
  • Monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film. Framed panels & laminates
  • Solar PV panels available to suit all budgets, specifications and installations
  • Brands available for quick delivery include JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Panasonic and LG
Sigma I - Open Terrain - Solar PV Mounting System

Solar PV Mounting Systems

Whichever your choice of mounting system, technical or aesthetic requirements or site location, we are confident that given accurate measurements and location data we will be able to supply a structurally and mechanically sound, verified and guaranteed mounting system for pretty much any location.

Mounting systems available for quick delivery for on-roof, in-roof, flat-roof, free standing and building integrated installations. Also talk to us about custom builds including difficult or unusual projects.

Solar PV Battery Storage

Energy Storage

  • Energy Storage Batteries
  • Self Consumption and Grid Backup packages
  • Single and Three Phase Systems
  • AC & DC Side Systems
  • 48V Battery Banks
  • Packages for retrofit
Power Backup Systems

Grid Backup Power Systems

  • Single and Three Phase Systems
  • Manual and Automatic Startup
  • Single and Three Phase Systems
  • Stand-By Generators
  • Generator and Battery Integration
  • Automatic Transfer Switches, Isolators and Cable
Wholesale Solar PV Equipment Suppliers

Fronius Primo Inverter

Solar PV Component Distributors

What do we offer? - Why buy from us?:

We offer clients a unique combination of:

  • Quick, reliable, tracked deliveries: We know the importance of accurate scheduling and the reliable, predictable delivery of equipment. We use this ordering system ourselves because we need to know exactly where our client's equipment is at all times. When you buy from us there is no confusion as to where a piece of equipment is or when it is due to arrive.
  • Stock confirmation, delivery times and all charges confirmed up front You will know before placing an order if we have the equipment available, when your equipment will be delivered and how much the end invoice total will be before you place the order.
  • Exceptional support: Our on-site and hands on experience with these products puts our clients at a real advantage in terms of system design, commissioning and ongoing technical support. Everything we sell, we also install ourselves, so if you need it, technical support is included, provided by the same people and to the same standard as we offer our own engineers.
  • Product knowledge We know all of the equipment that we sell really well and also have a good idea as to what other systems are installed. Calling us could save a huge amount of research time, contact us and let us know what you need to know or the information you would like to see, we will likely have it to hand if your enquiry relates to a product that we sell, we will likely have more of a clue than most (solar related anyway) about anything else.
  • Specialist equipment from a specialist supplier: We work closely with proven and long established manufacturers and distributors. In addition to reliable supplies and warranties this also gives us early access to new products and specialist engineering for bespoke systems and builds. Day to day these relationships make manufacturer warranty extensions, additions and ongoing support a piece of cake, Why? Because when you buy from us all of this is arranged and included.
  • Market knowledge: Looking for something different or unusual? The chances are good that we will understand what you would like to do and will be able to provide a cost effective solution, delivered right to the door.


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Lots of articles, calculators and technical information including links for further reading. Covering a range of topics related to the installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic and electrical systems in the UK.

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Engineering Recommendation G98

Grid Connections for Micro-Generators including Solar PV Systems and Elecricity Storage Systems in the UK. Under 16Amps Per Phase, grid synchronised.

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Residential PV systems notifiable under Part P. Special consideration needed for Part A. A combination of serious risks for solar PV installers.

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