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Solis (Ginlong) Grid-tied Solar Inverters

Field proven single phase grid-tied solar PV Inverters from Solis (Ginlong), available as supply only or supply and fit. These units are well made and rarely go wrong. They offer a very nice monitoring platform for those who'd like to know more about what their systems are doing, as well as very good value extended warranty and support options.

We have often found these inverters to be perfect replacements for failed inverters. They use standard MC4 connectors and have a wide input voltage on the DC side. Their compact size and robust design means that they will usually fit into a space without too many changes being needed to the wiring.

Coupled with a cost effective warranty plan, choosing a Solis inverter is a good way to guarantee cost effective and trouble free solar PV system operation for many years to come.

Solis 4G Series Solar PV Inverter

Solis 4G Series Grid-tied Solar Inverters

Solis 4G Series Inverters share the following features: Dual MPPT Trackers, High Frequency Switching, Transformerless, LCD Display, 5 Year warranty extendable to 10 years.

A rugged, no nonsense, dual tracker solar PV inverter.

Power Outputs from 2.5kW - 6kW single phase.

Solis mINI 4G Series Solar PV Inverter

Solis Mini 4G Series Grid-tied Solar Inverters

Solis Mini 4G Series Inverters are single MPPT tracker, transformerless inverters offering High Frequency Switching, and a LCD Display. The standard 5 Year warranty is extendable to 10 years.

Basic, low cost and very reliable, Solis Mini 4G Inverters are single phase inverters with power outputs from 0.7kW - 3.6kW.

Solis mINI 4G Series Solar PV Inverter

Solis Monitoring Platform

  • Mobile App for IOS and Android
  • Connects to the internet via a local wired, wireless or GPRS network
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Easy setup of fault alarms and remote monitoring
Solis mINI 4G Series Solar PV Inverter


All Solis 4G and Mini 4G are provided with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee that covers unit repairs and replacement parts, in addition any Solis inverter that we install can be provided with the following warranty upgrades:

  • 5 Year guarantee plus
  • 10 year manufacturers guarantee
  • 10 year guarantee plus
Wholesale Solar PV Equipment Suppliers

Fronius Primo Inverter

Solar PV Component Distributors

What do we offer? - Why buy from us?:

We offer clients a unique combination of:

  • Quick, reliable, tracked deliveries: We know the importance of accurate scheduling and the reliable, predictable delivery of equipment. We use this ordering system ourselves because we need to know exactly where our client's equipment is at all times. When you buy from us there is no confusion as to where a piece of equipment is or when it is due to arrive.
  • Stock confirmation, delivery times and all charges confirmed up front You will know before placing an order if we have the equipment available, when your equipment will be delivered and how much the end invoice total will be before you place the order.
  • Exceptional support: Our on-site and hands on experience with these products puts our clients at a real advantage in terms of system design, commissioning and ongoing technical support. Everything we sell, we also install ourselves, so if you need it, technical support is included, provided by the same people and to the same standard as we offer our own engineers.
  • Product knowledge We know all of the equipment that we sell really well and also have a good idea as to what other systems are installed. Calling us could save a huge amount of research time, call us on 0330 345 2800 ask us what you need to know or the information you would like to see, we will likely have it to hand if your enquiry relates to a product that we sell, we will likely have more of a clue than most (solar related anyway) about anything else.
  • Specialist equipment from a specialist supplier: We work closely with proven and long established manufacturers and distributors. In addition to reliable supplies and warranties this also gives us early access to new products and specialist engineering for bespoke systems and builds. Day to day these relationships make manufacturer warranty extensions, additions and ongoing support a piece of cake, Why? Because when you buy from us all of this is arranged and included.
  • Market knowledge: Looking for something different or unusual? The chances are good that we will understand what you would like to do and will be able to provide a cost effective solution, delivered right to the door.


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