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Solar Panel Bird Guard Installation

Pigeons, other birds and squirrels can be very annoying and sometimes downright dangerous when they decide to live under a solar PV system. Droppings on the panels shade the cells and reduce performance, droppings on connectors can prematurely age and damage them, weakening connections, unsecured cables get bent and stretched. In general it's not a good situation for creatures to be living under and around a solar PV system. If they are causing a problem, have damaged or risk damaging the system or the roof, you would like them removed, your system tidied up and creatures permanently prevented access under your solar panels, then we can help.

We look at protecting the whole system for the long term factoring the electrical performance and condition of the panels and cables. Whilst we are on the roof, if needed, the work can also include any repairs and maintenance needed to the roof, the system or the mountings.

NB: Pricing starts from £700 Why? You will likely find other services that may look similar and offered at a cheaper price. Our difference is that we will inspect and test the system, often reroute or replace cables and connectors, adjust mouting systems and if required fix the roof as part of the process. This usually means needing to be able to temporarily remove, inspect amd store panels and anything else we might need to fix, change or replace on a scaffold.

It's not practical for us to carry out this type of work from ropes and ladders, we would put our people and your equipment at greater risk if we did. We will always be more expensive and won't try to compete with those that only install mesh around solar panels, without electrical inspection and testing or roof repair work, who might be able to do what might initially appear to be similar work using ropes and ladders.

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Pigeons on Solar Panels


Solar Panel Bird Guard Clip


Solar Panel Bird Guard Installation


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Solar Panel Bird Guard Installation Schedule:

Quotation: Contact us and tell us about your solar PV system, send us pictures of the access and the roof and let us know about the work that you would like done. We will then prepare a quotation. We have carried out lots of similar work, in addition to reviews that you can find on Google and Facebook, we will be happy to provide references.

Book Installation: If you would like to go ahead, the next step is to book in the work for a convenient time. We can usually start within 2-3 weeks from the time that you give us the go ahead, allowing for delivery of the scaffolding and any materials.

Scaffold Installed: The clock starts when the scaffold is installed and we will look to coordinate things so we are on the roof within a day or two.

System Testing: If the system is damaged or faulty then the first thing we will usually do is locate and fix the fault, once satisfied that we have a working system we will then test the system and record the results. If your system is working, we will test the system and record the results before any work on the roof begins.

Clear & remove debris and nesting materials: We will completely clear the area under the solar panels and dispose of any debris.

Roof/System Repairs & Maintenance: If required, whilst the scaffold is up we will be happy to do any other repair or maintenance work required on the roof, this can include clearing gutters, replacing tiles and flashings. At this time we will take the opportunity to secure and trim any excess cable, replace any suspect, aged or worn connectors, check for wear and that connections are secure and generally ensure that the solar PV system is in good shape.

Solar Panel Cleaning: Solar panels near birds can get very dirty and the time when you are up close, before the mesh goes on is the perfect time to give them a thorough clean, so this is what we do.

Solar Panel Bird Guard Installation: Once everything is fixed, secured and clean, the next step is to install steel mesh around the array. to secure the mesh we usually use clips designed to secure the mesh to the frames of the solar panels, avoiding any screwing or drilling, maintaining the integrity of the panels and the roof covering.

Recommissioning When the work on the roof is complete, the system is retested and the solar PV system recommissioned


Solar Power System Testing, Servicing & Maintenance

Regular solar PV system testing, servicing and maintenance will extend the life of your solar PV system and ensure that solar panels are always operating safely and at their best, whilst maximising yields.

We offer complete safety and performance testing for solar PV power systems of any size. Includes panels, cables, inverters, isolators and mains connections.

We provide solar power system testing and maintenance services for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients across Southern, South West England and the West Midlands, with specialist experience working with farmers, developers and commercial and industrial buildings owners.

Solar Power System Testing, Servicing & Maintenance


Solar Power System repair

Problems with your solar power system? Solar panels not working? Solar Inverter Fault? Leaking Roof? Established in 2007, we are one of the longest serving renewable energy companies around and experts at fixing all things Solar.

If your original solar installer and or their warranty providers are no longer trading and your solar PV system isn't working, underperforming, has developed a fault or needs to be moved, refurbished, changed, decommissioned (permenantly or temporarily) then we can help.

If you have an issue, any issue with your solar PV system, including repairs needed to roofs, mountings, cables, isolators, meters, inverters, batteries and connectors; anything involved with repairing a residential and commercial solar PV systems of any size, then we can help.

Solar Power System repair


Further reading related to testing and repairing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

ABB / Power One Aurora Inverter Faults and Repairs

Power One, at one point were the second ranked inverter manufacturer in the world and there are many Power One Aurora Inverters installed in the UK. The most popular models being the Uno PVI-3.0-TL-OUTD and the Uno PVI-3.6-TL-OUTD.

Fronius IG / IG Plus Inverter Faults and Repairs

Fronius IG and IG Plus series inverters have LCD displays on the front of the chassis that providing it's working, will highlight any errors with the inverter or the solar PV system that it runs.

Mastervolt Inverter Faults and Repairs

Mastervolt Sunmaster and the smaller Soladin ranges of inverters were widely installed in the UK between 2011 and 2014. Popular Sunmaster models being the Sunmaster XS2000, Sunmaster XS3200 and the Sunmaster XS4300.

SMA Sunnyboy Inverter Faults and Repairs

SMA Sunnyboy Inverters have been widely installed in the UK, some of the most popular being the SB1200, SB2000 and SB3000. High frequency models include the SB2000HF, SB2500HF, and SB3000HF. Transformerless models include the SB3000TL and the SB3600TL.

SolarEdge Inverter and Optimser Faults and Repairs

The SolarEdge system is unique and in our opinion unrivalled in terms of it's ability to monitor system performance down to panel level. This is achieved through the installation of a small unit called an optimiser.

Sonnen Macht Inverter Faults and Repairs

The problem we often find with these inverters are damaged relays, the tell tale sign of a relay failure is an Error 19: Relay or Error 19: Relay Fault warning displayed on the inverter's display.


What Our Customers Say

"Inverter broke down, contacted Glen, on his advice new inverter delivered within days. Glen then came and fitted new inverter within 90 mins, works perfectly. Glen is very friendly very efficient, really knows his work. Can highly recommend Glen, any other problems with solar system and Glen will be the one I call." - Carl Tyler, Salisbury

Recomendation via Google

"I spoke to Glen as my inverter was coming to its end of life (10 years). Glen quickly appraised me of the many different inverters that I could use. I selected a similar SMA type. The next week Alex replaced it with a new inverter with WiFi connectivity. Everything is working perfectly (thanks Alex) in-addition I can now view my information through the Sunny Portal. A BIG thanks to Glen and Alex, superb service, highly recommended!!!!!" - David Powell, Worcester

Recomendation via Facebook

"We had been let down by a failure on our system,and the manufacturer of the part was no longer trading. We called Glen during the afternoon and he was there in the evening. He examined the system and recommended a replacement manufacterer, promising to come back and fit in the new part once it arrived. We informed Glen of the arrival on a Friday PM, he was there fitting the new part by 10:30 on the following Monday. Of course it worked. That is what you call service, and guess who is looking after all our requirements in the future. Highly recommend this company." - Gill Spencer, Newbury

Recomendation via Facebook

"In Balance contacted us promptly after we made an enquiry, Glen telephoned and arranged to visit our property to identify the fault, he arrived the following day! Brilliant as when the system is down it isn't earning us money. We decided to have a new inverter installed as our original one was 9 years old. Glen ordered the unit which was delivered to our property he then arrange to fit the unit the following day. He really could not have done it any quicker so thank you for that. Good job done for reasonable money. Highly recommended." - Geoff Thomas, Abingdon

Review via Google

"Contacted Glen after being let down by 2 companies. He visited promptly, researched my system and assisted me with getting my solar system up and running again. Amazing man. Will definitely be my first and only port of call for any future issues. Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and reliable. Highly recommend him." Margaret Bissett, Chisledon

Review via Google

"Can't recommend In Balance Energy and Glen enough. I had a fault in a solar tile that needed tracking down. Other companies did not want to know as too much hassle. Glen saw it as a challenge and was all over it. Problem fixed and full power restored. Well done and thanks." Paul Rodwell, Wallingford

Recomendation via Facebook

"We were very relieved to find Glen when our Solar Panel system stopped working, as our original supplier had gone out of business. We cannot praise Glen's persistence enough as he thoroughly reviewed the system to identify the faults and repair it, despite the searing heat of last summer. He also talked to Solar Edge and provided fault data to enable us to get a replacement part under warranty. Many thanks Glen for getting us up and running again!" - Jane Pearce, Highworth

Review via Google

"Very reliable company and very good & honest staff" Virgilo Verallo, Bath

Recomendation via Facebook

"Excellent service. We contacted Glen when our solar PV system stopped working. His response was prompt, he explained all we needed to know and got the system up and running after just a matter of days. Glen was friendly, professional and most of all reliable and we would have no hesitation in highly recommending him." Fran Armstrong, Market Lavington

Recomendation via Facebook

"Glen was very helpful and very reasonably priced. I would recommend him, and use him again in future if I need any solar work." Venu Jega, Highworth

Review via Google

"Outstanding. Conscientious, thorough, friendly and reasonably priced service. Highly recommended. Made our solar panel battery system safe, correcting the sub-standard work of others. Will always use this trustworthy PV electrician. Even after the work was completed, he studied the manual for our system and assisted with resolving further problems. Thanks Glen." Rob Barnes, Royal Wootton Bassett

Review via Cylex

"Very decent with a helpful attitude and expert in the technical side and reliable too. Had to integrate with our roofers to use their scaffolding before and after their work to take down and reinstall our PV panels. Helpful scheduling. Up and running again to our satisfaction at a decent price." David Ballard, Ramsbury

Review via Google

"I got in touch with Glen as our old converter was no longer working due to its age (9 years). Glen quickly diagnosed the inverter and tested the solar panels. The next week replaced it with a new inverter with WiFi connectivity. Everything is working again perfectly and I can see what power it's generating on a phone App now. Great service!!" Peter Dowsett, Chippenham

Recomendation via Facebook

"Glen replaced our inverter. Excellent honest guy. We wouldn’t deal with anyone else highly recommended." Nicola Moger, Devizes

Recomendation via Facebook

"Our inverter failed and as our installer had gone out of business did not know what to do. Contacted Glen who was brilliant. Came out checked the failure dealt with the manufacturer and all aspects of the warranty claim.New inverter received under warranty and Glen came out and fitted the new one straightaway. Superb service from a very professional and helpful person. Highly recommend this company." Martin Brailey, Wokingham

Review via Google

"Had a tricky fault on my (8 year) old system which Glen narrowed down and has now sorted at a very reasonable price. We have also had our faulty inverter replaced by In Balance; would recommend if he covers your area!" Peter Nobes, Bath

Recomendation via Facebook

"My inverter failed and Glen very quickly got my system up and running again. He was very professional but explained everything to me. Many thanks Glen and I've already recommended him." Di Foxwell, Wroughton

Recomendation via E-Mail

"New meter doing the business nicely. Good job, great service and friendly with it. Our thanks." Richard Illsley, Marlborough

Areas Served:

Swindon: Abingdon, Aldbourne, Andover, Banbury, Basingstoke, Bath, Berkshire, Bicester, Blunsdon, Box, Bracknell, Bradford on Avon, Bristol, Burford, Calne, Camberley, Carterton, Cheltenham, Chippenham, Chipping Norton, Chipping Sodbury, Cirencester, Corsham, Cricklade, Devizes, Didcot, Evesham, Faringdon, Fleet, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Henley-on-Thames, Highclere, Highworth, Hook, Hungerford, Keynsham, Kingsclere, Lambourn, Lechlade, Lyneham, Maidenhead, Malmesbury, Marlborough, Marshfield, Melksham, Minety, Newbury, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Pewsey, Purton, Ramsbury, Royal Wootton Bassett, Salisbury, Shalbourne, Slough, Stow, Swindon, Tewkesbury, Thatcham, Trowbridge, Wanborough, Wantage, Warminster, Wiltshire, Winchester, Windsor, Witney, Wokingham, Worcester, Wroughton and Yate.

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