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Definition of: Cable bracket

In electrics; a cable bracket is a horizontal cable support system consisting of elements fixed at one end only, spaced at intervals along the length of the cable on which a cable rests.

Definition of: Cable channel

In electrics; a cable channel is an enclosure situated above or in the ground, ventilated or closed, and having dimensions which do not permit the access of persons but allow access to the conduits and/or cables throughout their length during and after installation. A cable channel may or may not form part of the building construction.

Definition of: Cable cleat

In electrics; a cable cleat is a component of a support system, which consists of elements spaced at intervals along the length of a cable or conduit which mechanically retains the cable or conduit.

Definition of: Cable coupler

In electrics; a cable coupler is a means of enabling the connection or disconnection at will of two flexible cables. It consists of a connector and a plug.

Definition of: Cable Ducting

In electrics: cable ducting is an enclosure of metal or insulating material, other than conduit or cable trunking, intended for the protection of cables which are drawn in after erection of the ducting.

Definition of: Cable ladder

In electrics; a cable ladder is a cable support consisting of a series of supporting elements rigidly fixed to main longitudinal supporting members.

Definition of: Cable tray

In electrics; a cable tray is a cable support consisting of a continuous base with raised edges and no covering. A cable tray may or may not be perforated.

Definition of: Cable trunking

In electrics; cable trunking is a closed enclosure normally of rectangular cross section, of which one side is removable or hinged, used for the protection of cables and for the accomodation of other electrical equipment.

Definition of: Cable tunnel

In electrics; a cable tunnel is a corridor containing supporting structures for cables and joints and/or other elements of wiring systems and whose dimensions allow persons to pass freely throughout the entire length.

Definition of: Cant.

In building; cant is the angle between two walls, which is greater or lesser than a right angle.

Definition of: Cantilever.

In building; a cantilever is a beam, which is fixed at one end.

Definition of: Capillary Action.

In building; capillary action is when fluids such as water get sucked into narrow spaces, such as the gaps between bricks, usually in porous material. This particularly can lead to rising damp.

Definition of: Carassing.

In building; carassing is the timber used in structural sections of a building - for example, roof rafters and floor joists.

Definition of: Cartridge fuse link

In electrics; a cartridge fuse link is a device comprising a fuse element or two or more fuse elements connected in parallel enclosed in a cartridge usually filled with arc-extinguishing medium and connected to terminations.

Definition of: Casement.

In building; a casement is a window hinged on one of its vertical edges.

Definition of: Cavity.

In building; a cavity is the gap between the external and internal walls of a house, often filled with insulating material such as expanded polystyrene

Definition of: Cavity tie.

In building; a cavity tie is a galvanised metal fixings used to bond the external and internal walls together.

Definition of: Ceiling binder.

In building; a ceiling binder is a tie running between the joists or trussed rafters.

Definition of: Central power supply system

In electrics; a central power supply system is a system supplying the required emergancy power to essential safety equipment.

Definition of: Chase.

In electrics; to chase is to cut a groove in brickwork or other material, so as to make it possible to embed a cable or pipe into it.

Definition of: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

In solar PV manufacturing; CVD is a method of depositing thin semiconductor films which is used to make certain types of photovoltaic cells. In this method, a substrate is exposed to vaporised compounds, which contain desirable constituents. A chemical reaction is initiated, at or near the substrate surface, to produce the desired material that then condenses on the substrate.

Definition of: Circuit

In electrics; a circuit is an assembly of electrical equipment supplied from the same origin and protected against overcurrent by the same protective device(s).

Definition of: Circuit-breaker

In electrics; a circuit-breaker is a device capable of making, carrying and breaking normal load currents and also making and automatically breaking, under pre-determined conditions, abnormal currents such as short-circuits currents. It is usually required to operate infrequently although some types are suitable for frequent operation.

Definition of: Circuit-breaker, linked

In elecrics; a tpe of circuit-breaker, the contacts of which are so arranged as to make or break all poles simultaneously or in a definite sequence.

Definition of: Circuit protective conductor (CPC)

In electrics; a circuit protective conductor is a protective conductor connecting exposed conductive parts of equipment to the main earthing terminal.

Definition of: Cladding.

In building; cladding is the outermost weatherproof material, fixed to a wall, designed to be decorative and/or functional.

Definition of: Class I equipment

In electrics; class I equipment is equipment in which protection against electric shock does not rely on basic insulation only, but which includes means for the connection of exposed conductive parts to a protective conductor in the fixed wiring of the installation.

Definition of: Class II equipment

In electrics; class II equipment is equipment in which protection against electric shock does not rely on basic insulation only, but in which additional safety precautions such as supplementary insulation are provided, there being no provision for the connection of exposed metalwork of the equipment to a protective conductor, and no reliance upon precautions to be taken in the fixed wiring of the installation.

Definition of: Class III equipment

In electrics; class III equipment is equipment in which protection against electric shock relies on supply at SELV and in which voltages higher than those of SELV are not generated.

Definition of: Common Parts.

In property; common parts refer to any part of a property shared with others. It is imperative to know your rights over the common parts.

Definition of: Conducting location with restricted movement

In electrics; a conducting location with restricted movement is a location comprised mainly of metallic or conductive surrounding parts, within which it is likely that a person will come into contact through a substantial portion of their body with the conductive surroundings parts and where the possibilty of preventing this contact is limited.

Definition of: Conduit

In electrics; conduit is a part of a closed wiring system for cables in electrical installations, allowing them to be drawn in and/or replaced, but not inserted laterally.

Definition of: Connector

In electrics; a connector is the part of a cable coupler or of an appliance coupler which is provided with female contacts and is intended to be attached to the end of a flexible cable remote from the supply.

Definition of: Conservation areas.

In property; a conservation area is an area of limited or no building development or demolition of property..

Definition of: Consumer unit

In electrics; a consumer unit is a particular type of distribution board comprising of type-tested co-ordinated assembly for the control and distribution of electrical energy, principally in domestic premises, incorporating manual means of double pole isolation on the incoming circuit(s) and an assembly of one or more fuses, circuit-breakers, residual current operated devices or signalling and other devices proven during the type-test of the assembly as suitable for such use.

Definition of: Conventional impulse withstand voltage

In electrics; conventional impulse withstand voltage is the peak value of an impulse test voltage at which insulation does not show any disruptive discharge when subjected to a specified number of applications of impulses of this value, under specified conditions.

Definition of: Cornice.

In building; a cornice is a decorative addition to the top of an external or internal wall.

Definition of: Course

In building; a course is a single layer of bricks or blocks.

Definition of: Coving.

In building; coving is a decorative moulding adjoining the top of an interior wall and the ceiling.

Definition of: Crystalline Silicon

In solar PV manufacturing; crystalline silicon is a type of solar photovoltaic cell made from either a slice of single-crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon.

Definition of: Current at Maximum Power (Imp)

In electrics; Imp is the current at which maximum power is available from a solar photovoltaic (PV) panels / PV modules.

Definition of: Current carrying capacity of a conductor

In electrics; current carrying capacity of a conductor is the maximum current which can be carried by a conductor under specified conditions without its steady-state temperature exceeding a specified value.

Definition of: Current using equipment

In electrics; current using equipment is equipment which converts electrical energy into another form of energy, such as light, heat or motive power.

Definition of: Cutoff Voltage

In electrics; cutoff voltage is the voltage levels (activation) at which the charge controller disconnects a photovoltaic (PV) array from a battery or the load from a battery.


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