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Tau MetalFix: Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof Solar PV Mounting System

Offering the lowest cost per watt of any mounting system in our range this system delivers exactly what is required by installers and developers building larger systems on commercial metal roofspaces; namely strength, quick installation times, low cost and the ability to mount directly to almost any trapezoidal sheet metal roof (base rails mount directly to the metal sheet).

The MetalFix solar panel mounting system is perfect for mounting framed solar PV panels in either portrait or landscape onto commercial trapezoidal metal roofspaces with pitches up to 20°, the kind of profiled sheet metal roofs that are typically found on warehouses, commercial buildings and barns.

Metal Roof Solar PV Panel Mounting System
Offering the lowest cost per watt of any of the mounting systems in our range this system delivers exactly what is required by installers and developers looking to build large solar PV systems onto commercial metal roofspaces; namely strength, quick installation times, low capital costs and the ability to install solar panel mounting rails directly onto almost any trapezoidal sheet metal roof (the base rails mount directly to the metal sheet).
MetalFix Mounting Clips & Base Rail

Side mounted fastening clips & base rail (for bead over 20mm)

Top Mounting Clips & Base Rail

Top mounted fastening clips & base rail (for bead under 20mm)



MetalFix solar PV mounting systems are supplied to:

  • MCS Certified Solar PV Installers: Components are ordered piece by piece, or as custom designed installer kits. Specifications are confirmed against the panel sizes, row layouts and installation site measurements before shipping. Please contact us for system designs or to be e-mailed an installers MetalFix component & kit pricelist.
  • System Owners when installed as part of a full installation service: MetalFix on Roof systems are designed and built to order based on the characteristics of the roofspace, client consultation and after a site survey. A full installation service includes a survey, a complete system design, the supply and installation of all electrical and mounting hardware, MCS Certification and an overall system warranty.

The MetalFix Solar PV Panel Mounting System is only suitable for:

  • Trapezioidal sheet metal roofs: Enjoying a high level of pre-assembly. The MetalFix solar roof mounting system has been specifically designed to mount solar panels onto pitched trapezoidal metal roofs. Rails are mounted directly to the metal sheet using either side or top clips that are screwed directly into the metal sheet.

MCS Installers

Please contact us with your e-mail address and MCS number if you would like to be sent a MetalFix Installers component & kit pricelist.

MetalFix : System Design

As standard the MetalFix can be used on any aluminium or steel trapezoidal sheet metal roofing with a sheet thickness of 0.63mm or more (less subject to verification).

Before ordering, as part of the system design and quotation process we will provide initial verification to confirm that configurations comply with Eurocode 1: Actions on structures.

MetalFix systems are specified based on the exact dimensions of the sheet metal roofing and the local conditions on-site. We are unable to provide accurate quotations or components lists until the following information has been supplied and verified.

You can provide us with this information using the form at the end of this page or over the phone, we try and turn around roof construction reports and quotations within 48 hours.

Planning Permission (England): Permitted Development Rights for Commercial MetalFix Systems

Where Permitted Development Rights apply there is no specific requirement to obtain planning permission. Permitted Development Rights were applied to solar PV systems installed onto commercial, industrial and agricultural roofspaces in England on the 6th April 2012.

Our understanding of the new legislation is that installing a MetalFix system will now in most cases come under Permitted Development if the installation is as below:

Permitted Development Rights come with conditions that may exclude installations for other reasons.

The related official documents and conditions can be downloaded here: Further reading and documents

MetalFix Module End Clamp, Quickstone & Base Rail

Base rail, Quickstone & end clamp

MetalFix : System Installation

Fast and simple system installation is possible thanks to the hook design of the trapezoidal fastening clips. Clips are simply hooked onto the rails and fixed to either (1) the sides (beads over 20mm high) or (2) the top of the bead (beads under 20mm high) of the metal roofing sheets.

EPDM strips are used to protect the roofing material, installed between the base rails and the roof.

End clamps are installed at the start and end of each row to secure the panels, inter-module clamps secure panels at the centre of the array. Both inter-module and end clamps are slid into the profiled channels of the aluminium base rails using a profiled nut called a quickstone (supplied with the clamps).

Rails and panels can be bonded using a Weeb clip that is installed underneath and secured by inter-module clamps.

MetalFix : Components

All components are recyclable and are made from either aluminium and steel.

  • Base rails: Aluminium (EN AW 6063 T66), 0.555 kg/m, rail lengths spanning 0.4m, 2.4m, 4.15m & 6m
  • Side fixing clips: Aluminium (EN AW 5754)
  • Top fixing clips: Aluminium (EN AW 6063 T66)
  • Small parts: Stainless Steel (V2)

Please see: MetalFix Components

MetalFix : Availability & Delivery

MetalFix components and kits are available off the shelf with components for each order being packaged together and delivered to site anywhere on the UK mainland within 5-6 working days.

Delivery charges are determined by delivery weights and distances.

European Distributors / Installers / PV System Integrators

We supply MetalFix mounting systems to European distributors, installers and PV system integrators. Please contact us to discuss details or to request a MetalFix components export pricelist (in Euros).

10 Year Guarantee

MetalFix : Guarantee

The MetalFix: mounting system is provided with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

MetalFix: Solar PV Roof Design & Component Selection

To generate a components list and quotation please fill in your project details and system preferences in the form below. A copy will then be forwarded to us and allocated to a designer to prepare. We will then come back to you with a list of components with prices and detailed PV array measurements.

To fill out this form you will need:

If you are an MCS installer please also let us know your MCS number.

Project Data:

Project name*:
Construction start date*:
Project address*:



Building Data:

Roof type*:
Roof length*(m):
Roof height from eaves to ridge*(m):
Pitch of the eaves*(°):
Building height (ground to ridge)*(m):
Roofing material*:
Sheet Thickness*(mm):
Distance between beads (centre to centre)*(mm):
Bead width below (underside)*(mm):
Bead width (top)*(mm):
Bead height *(mm):

PV Array Planning:

PV Panel / Module length*(mm):
PV Panel / Module width*(mm):
PV Panel / Module depth*(mm):
PV Panel / Module weight*(kg):
PV Panel / Module output*(Wp):
PV Panel / Module orientation*:
No. of PV panel / module rows*:
No. of PV Panel / module columns*:
Total no. of PV panels / modules*:


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