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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Carports / Awnings / Lean Tos

Solar PV Carport

Solar PV Panel Carport Kits

Free standing solar PV carport / self supported PV mounting structure.

Solar PV Carports come in 3 configurations and can be supplied either as an installation kit or we can supply and fit.

  • 9 modules: mounted 3x3 portrait, power 2.2kWp (approx)
  • 10 modules: mounted 5x2 portrait, power 2.45kWp (approx)
  • 15 modules: mounted 5x3 portrait, power 3.67kWp (approx)

Solar carports are installed on a level surface and secured into either concrete foundations or other suitable ground anchors.

A versatile but simple solution that elegantly delivers a generous amount of additional outside covered space for car parking, entertainment, storage etc as well as create a new area for solar PV panel mounting.

The Solar Carport is supplied either as a fully installed system or as an MCS installers kit. The installers kit includes the Solar PV Carport mounting structure, Solar panels , an inverter, DC cabling and MC4 connectors.


Bespoke Solar PV Panel Carports

Custom made solar carports can also be designed, manufactured and fitted. Supporting materials and finishes can be made of timber, aluminium, or steel. The choice of carport size, style, roof pitch, materials and panels is completely down to the preference of the system owner.

Roof coverings can be made of PVC, sheet metal, solar panels can also be used form the roof directly. Designs and structures are supplied with a 10-year workmanship warranty covering the structure, roof, solar panels and the electrical work.

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