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Solar PV Canopy Systems

Solar PV canopy and Solar Shading systems integrate glass-glass laminates into a canopy structure. Different types of laminate can be used such as clear or opaque depending on whether you prefer light or shade underneath the canopy. When it comes to system designs the opportunities are endless; generally speaking if you can use glass in a design then you could also use solar PV.

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Solar PV Modules Built Into Canopies

Solar PV Canopy System

PV modules for use in Solar Canopy systems can be manufactured in sizes up to 3.3m x 2.2m, and can be installed into any glass supporting frame. In many cases PV Solar Canopies are constructed using lightweight aluminium with power cables being built into the supports although pretty much any building material strong enough could be used.

The image alongside is of a solar canopy system where both solar PV modules and flat plate collectors for heating water have been built into a canopy frame.

Uses for Solar PV Canopies

Solar PV Canopies
  • Generates power where no roofspace is available
  • Provides shade and cover for entertainment and public areas
  • Can make buildings look more attractive
  • Extends a buildings footprint
  • For all types and size of building or a stand alone system.
  • Many Design possibilities

Solar Canopy Designs

Solar PV Canopy

If you are interested in a Solar PV Canopy and have an idea of what you want it to produce in terms of electricity and what you want it to look like. Please contact us and send us your designs, these do not need to be professional, any photos and measurements of the existing property (if retrofit), and any designs and pictures are also handy.

In return we will work out power yields based on your location and design, make recomendations if required and quote a price to get the system made and installed.

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