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Sigma 1: Open Ground Solar PV Panel Mounting System

Sigma 1: Open ground solar PV panel mounting system designed to mount single (portrait) or double (landscape) rows of solar PV panels using a single row of steel posts.

Open Ground: Solar PV Panel Mounting System

Open Ground: System Overview

The Open Ground solar panel mounting system gracefully combines structural stability and strength with a low profile, attractive finish; a feature that makes the open ground mount systems a popular choice for both landowners and planners. With the open ground system, the solar panels are the main visible element of the finished installation, the metal support structure largely disappears into the background.

Subject to the local conditions on-site the supporting steel posts can be pile driven directly into the soil without using concrete, minimising both installation times and the environmental impact of the installation.

Open Ground: Solar PV Mounting System

Open Ground solar mounting systems are supplied to:

  • MCS Certified Solar PV Installers: Full mounting systems are ordered on a project basis, selected based on the dimensions, number and orientation of the solar PV panels and the characteristics of the mounting area. As part of the order process static loads are factored into the system design and selection of components. If needed we can also help to prepare documents and technical drawings required for planning permission approval.
  • System Owners when installed as part of a full installation service: Open Ground mounting systems are designed and built to order based on the characteristics of the mounting area and to best meet the requirements of clients as well as in most cases local authority planners. A full installation service includes a survey, a complete system design, assistance with planning applications, the supply and installation of all hardware, MCS Certification and an overall system warranty.

The Open Ground system is suitable for:

  • Residential and Commercial systems: Although specifically designed for solar farms and to cover large areas of open ground with solar panels; the open ground system is equally comfortable being used to support smaller residential and commercial PV arrays. The build to order nature of these systems means that pretty much any number of solar panels and a wide range of panel types and sizes can be succesfully and cost effectively mounted in open areas using this system.
  • Solar Farms and large solar PV installations: The Open Ground mounting system is designed for large scale solar PV installations and solar farms. in all areas choosing this system will bring benefits in terms of cost, installation times, environmental impact, dual land use and ongoing maintenance costs. Clever system design means that areas used for solar PV can continue to be used for other things such as grazing. If the installation should need to be decommissioned or moved at a later date the area where the PV once stood could be completely reinstated with very little impact on the area.

Sigma Adapter and Chevron

Open Ground: System Design

Open Ground mounting system design in itself is reasonably straightforward but planning permission is required for any ground mounted system over 9m sq (approx 5 large 60 cell panels). The need to obtain planning permission could introduce other design considerations to account for any effects that the PV installation may have on local people, animals, plants, the landscape or cultural heritage.

Other system design considerations include spacing between rows of panels to avoid self shading, cable lengths and sizing to minimise voltage drop, location and housing of inverter equipment. Individual PV arrays should be 12m long or less to allow for thermal expansion.

Individual installation drawings and static loadings are provided with each order. Our in-house design team is also available to provide additional system design or planning support as needed.

Open Ground: System Installation

Installations start with steel posts, designed to be driven directly into the soil (although footplates and other bespoke components can also be designed and supplied to suit the mounting area). The steel posts support chevrons and cross rails that in turn support the solar panel mounting rails.

Driving the steel posts will require pile driving equipment and groundworks will be required to bury power cables and conduit. We have installation engineers available to provide project management and on-site installation services as needed.

Sigma Post & Chevron

Components & Specifications

Due to the build to order nature of these systems the installation drawings and components are individually prepared to suit the characteristics of each installation site. A complete bill of materials and quotation offer can therefore take up to a week to prepare.

For indicitive pricing and any other pre-sales enquiries please contact us to discuss

Open Ground: Availability & Delivery

Some components are manufacturered to order based on the size of the solar panels used and the panel layout. Components for each order are designed, tested, manufactured, packaged together into kits and delivered to site anywhere in the UK (including delivered to us for storage and later collection if prefered) within 3-6 weeks.

10 Year Guarantee

Open Ground: Guarantee

The OpenGround: solar panel mounting system is provided with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Open Ground: Solar PV Array Design & Component Selection

To generate a components list and quotation please fill in your project details and system preferences in the form below. A copy will then be forwarded to us and allocated to a designer to prepare. We will then come back to you with a list of components with prices.

To fill out this form you will need:

Project Data:

Project description*:
Construction start date*:
Planning Permission*:
Project address*:



PV Array Planning:

Array Pitch*(°):
PV Panel / Module length*(mm):
PV Panel / Module width*(mm):
PV Panel / Module depth*(mm):
PV Panel / Module weight*(kg):
PV Panel / Module output*(Wp):
PV Panel / Module orientation*:
No. of panel / module rows per frame*:
No. of panel / module columns per frame*:
Total no. of panels / modules per frame*:
No. of Frames*:


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