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Lambda FlatFix: Flat Roof Solar PV Panel Mounting System

The Lambda FlatFix flat roof / flat ground solar PV mounting system can be configured to mount solar PV panels in portrait or landscape onto a flat roof or other level surface in single panel rows of up to 12m per frame. Systems are supplied as standard with pitch angles of either 10°, 20°, 25° or 30°. Depending on local conditions and design preferences frames can either be secured directly to roof structures or mounted onto metal, timber or concrete ballast plates.

Lambda FlatFix: Solar PV panel mounting system for flat roofs

Lambda FlatFix: System Overview

Configure Lambda FlatFix
Flat Roof Solar PV Mounting System

List of Components

Row spacing / Shading calculator

  • Residential and commercial flat roofs: The Lambda FlatFix solar PV panel mounting system has been specifically designed to mount solar panels onto flat (or nearly flat <5°) roofspaces of all sizes and offers a wide choice of fixings to suit most types of flat roofs. Systems can either be ballasted or secured directly to roof supports.
  • Level areas of ground: Where level ground mounting space is available the system can easily be used as a low profile ground mounting frame. Triangles can be secured directly into prepared concrete using anchors, into wooden/metal frames using hanger bolts or screws, or riveted to metal ballast plates.
  • Bespoke Builds: The Lambda FlatFix is a flexible system with a simple design. All the fixing points are located on the base rail of the triangles so this system could be secured to many other flat surfaces, providing the secure base for bespoke and unique solar PV system designs.

Lambda FlatFix: Features & Benefits

Configure Lambda FlatFix
  Features Benefits
  Large degree of pre-assembly Quick installation times, few tools needed.
  Small number of parts Low cost, fast installation times.
  Variable tilt angle Optimise system performance when working with space and other design constraints. Project specific adjustments can be made on-site.
  Wide choice of fixings Can be used on many different types and sizes of flat roofs and other flat surfaces.
  Quality aluminium & steel Long service life, corrosion resistant.
  10 Year Guarantee Peace of mind

Lambda FlatFix: System Design

Configure Lambda FlatFix
Flat Roof Frame Side View

Fixings: A wide choice of standard fixings including Concrete Anchors, Hanger Bolts, Self tapping screws and rivets. An extended range of additional fixings is also available.

The flat roof system is flexible and by design can be tailored to suit most flat roof or nearly flat < 5° commercial and residential roofs. Frames can be mounted directly into concrete, onto supporting roof rafters or riveted directly to metal roofs / ballast base plates.

For information on planning installations using multiple parrallel rows of frames please also see: Flat roof row spacing / shading calculator

Design Assistance

Lambda FlatFix: How to Buy

Configure Lambda FlatFix

MCS Installers

Please contact us with your e-mail address and MCS number if you would like to be sent a flat roof installers component & kit pricelist.

Lambda FlatFix Flat Roof solar PV panel mounting systems can be supplied in any of the following ways:

  • Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, Stockists: Equipment is shipped in bulk direct from the factory. Minimum order quantities and discounts apply.
  • MCS Installers, Trade, Developers:
    • Components are ordered piece by piece. Equipment can be delivered directly to site, collection can also be arranged from us here in Swindon.
    • Components are pre-designed and delivered as custom installer kits for individual projects. Specifications are confirmed against your chosen panel sizes, row layouts and the installation site measurements prior to shipping.
    • Equipment is provided installed on-site ready for you to complete the project. A full survey, a bespoke design and an insured workmanship warranty in addition to the manufacturers hardware warranty is provided.
  • Private, Commercial and Agricultural Clients:
    • Lambda FlatFix mounting systems are designed, built and installed to order. A survey and a bespoke system design is carried out. An insured workmanship warranty in addition to a manufacturers product warranty is provided.
    • Flat Roof Mounting systems are supplied as part of a full installation service which includes a survey, a complete system design, the supply and installation of all electrical and mounting hardware, MCS Certification and an overall system warranty.

Lambda FlatFix: System Installation

Configure Lambda FlatFix

The Flat Roof mounting system has a small number of easily identifiable parts and is simple to install.

The basic components include support triangles, struts, base rails and module clamps. Triangles are secured to the roof, struts align the triangles at the ends of each frame, base rails connect across the triangles and solar PV panels are clamped to the rails.

Lambda FlatFix: Rear view kketchFlatFix Flat Roof: Components

Please see: FlatFix Flat Roof Components

Lambda FlatFix: Availability & Delivery

Configure Lambda FlatFix

Flat Roof components and kits are mostly ready off the shelf with components for each order being packaged together and delivered to site anywhere on the UK mainland within 5-6 working days.

Delivery charges are determined by delivery weights and travel distance.

European Distributors / Installers / PV System Integrators

We also supply Flat Roof mounting systems to European distributors, installers and PV system integrators. Please contact us to discuss details or to request a Flat Roof components export pricelist (in Euros).

10 Year Guarantee

FlatFix Flat Roof: Guarantee

The FlatFix Flat Roof: mounting system is provided with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Planning Permission (England): Permitted Development Rights for Commercial FlatFix Flat Roof PV Systems

Where Permitted Development Rights apply there is no specific requirement to obtain planning permission. Permitted Development Rights were applied to solar PV systems installed onto commercial, industrial and agricultural roofspaces in England on the 6th April 2012.

Our understanding of the new legislation is that installing a flat roof system will now in most cases come under Permitted Development for a commercial installation if the installation is as below:

Flat roof based solar PV arrays are likely to be lower than 1m for all orientations, at the standard 10°, 20°, 25° and 30° array pitches and when using common mounting methods.

When mounting support systems on blocks or some other structure other than directly to the roof, the designer should ensure that the overall height of the array is not 1m or more higher than the highest part of the roof excluding chimneys to not require planning permission. Permitted Development Rights come with conditions that may exclude installations for other reasons.

Lambda FlatFix: Solar PV Flat Roof Design & Component Selection

To generate a components list and quotation please contact us.

We will prepare a list of components with prices and detailed PV array measurements.

To make an enquiry we will need to know:

If you are an MCS installer please also let us know your MCS number.

If you would like any further information then please contact us.

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