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Strong, Stable, Scalable, Simple: Gamma EasyFix Ground Mount

Strength, quality and flexibility is what the Gamma EasiFix Ground offers, perfectly well suited for use in back gardens and on patios as it is in securing solar panels in remote off-grid locations, in multiple rows in open terrain and in any other location with a flat level surface.

Very simple to install, rugged and big enough to secure enough panels to generate serious power; this solar PV panel framing system can be put to use in an almost limitless number of ways. On their own, perfect for a semi portable solar PV solution, a testing / demo unit for PV installers or as a part of a power supply system for a remote off-grid location.

In multiples the EasyFix Ground system can easily scale to suit any power requirement or system size.

EasyFix Ground Mount - Solar PV Panel Mounting Frame

Gamma EasyFix Ground: Solar Panel Mounting System

Gamma EasyFix Ground solar panel mounting frames are supplied as standard with a 35° fixed tilt configuration for optimum UK power yields. Frames are designed to secure from 3 - 6 solar PV panels mounted in landscape.

Frames are self supporting and can be installed onto a range of flat surfaces. Panels with a frame depth of from 31mm to 50mm can be supported using standard components (included). Please specify the frame depth and the amount of panels to be mounted so we dispatch the correct number and size of panel clamps with orders.

The simplest configuration is to prepare concrete foundations onto which M12 concrete anchors (included) can be secured. Other options include securing directly to flat roofs, We have an extended range of screws, hanger bolts and rivets that can be supplied for custom projects.

1 x EasyFix Ground system with panels is under 9m sq and under 4m high.

Calculate the number of panels per frame:

Panels are mounted in landscape orientation, the amount of panels that can be mounted onto the frame is determined by the width of the panels.

Width of the panels
476 - 558 mm
559 - 573 mm
574 - 858 mm
859 - 1133 mm

Calculate Foundation Spacing

EasyFix Ground frames are provided with M12 concrete ground anchors. The required spacing between foundations is outlined below:

  Layout Foundation Length (x) Foundation Width (w)
EasyFix Foundation Layout & Spacing


766mm (for panels 700-1210mm long)

1050mm (for panels >1210mm long)


When compared to nearly all other mounting methods and mounting systems the EasyFix Ground offers customers the most in terms of portability, modularity and flexibilty with no compromise in system strength or structural stability. A commercial grade system that can be put to work in a wide variety of locations in any number of configurations.

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

EasyFix Rear View

Gamma EasyFix Ground: Availability & Delivery

Gamma EasyFix Ground Mount kits are ready off the shelf with components for each order being packaged together and delivered to site anywhere on the UK mainland within 5-6 working days.

Delivery charges are determined by order delivery weights and distances.

European Distributors / Installers / PV System Integrators

We also supply EasyFix Ground mounting systems to European distributors, installers and PV system integrators. Please contact us to discuss details or to request an EasyFix Ground component & kit export pricelist (in Euros).

10 Year Guarantee

EasyFix Ground Mount: Guarantee

The EasyFix Ground mounting system is provided with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

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