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Alpha On-Roof: Solar PV Panel Mounting System

The use of channelised aluminium rails, extensions and splices means that no supporting rail cutting is needed and the system can be used for mounting solar PV arrays of all sizes. Solar panels can be mounted in portrait or landscape, standard clamp sizes from 24mm - 51mm.

On-Roof: Solar PV Panel Mounting System

Alpha On-Roof: System Overview

The Alpha On-Roof: solar PV panel mounting system can mount most solar PV panel sizes and types on-roof with fixings available for tile, slate and metal. Aluminium rails are available in 0.6m, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3m lengths, connected together to form exactly the right lengths using telescopic rails and rail splices.

Solar PV Panel Roof Mounting System

Alpha On-Roof: Mounting systems are ordered by component, selected based on the dimensions, number and orientation of the solar PV panels and the characteristics of the mounting area.

Fixings are supplied to secure the rails to the roof and clamps are provided to secure the panels to the rails. Rails and panels can be mounted in either portrait or landscape.

Components are well made and solid. The connections between rails, supports and clamps are reliable using a combination of channelled aluminium and 'quickstone' nuts and bolts. A wide choice of fixings can be supplied to suit most roof types and sizes. Structural reports based on the existing roof construction and the PV system design can also be supplied with orders.

Alpha On-Roof: Availability & Delivery

Alpha On-Roof components are mostly ready off the shelf with components for each order being packaged together into kits and delivered to site anywhere in the UK within 4-6 days.

Stock items can either be collected or sent out for next working day delivery when ordered before 2pm.

European Distributors / Installers / PV System Integrators

We also supply on-roof mounting systems to European distributors, installers and PV system integrators. Please contact us to discuss details or to request an Alpa On-Roof components export pricelist (in Euros).

10 Year Guarantee

Alpha On-Roof: Guarantee

The On Roof: mounting system is provided with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Alpha On-Roof: Solar PV Roof Design & Component Selection

To generate a components list, structural report and quotation please fill in your project details and system preferences in the form below. A copy will then be forwarded to us and allocated to a designer to prepare. We will then come back to you with a list of components with prices, a roof construction report and detailed PV array measurements.

To fill out this form you will need:

Please contact us if you would like assistance with system planning.

Project Data:

Project description*:
Construction start date*:
Project address*:



Building Data:

Roof type*:
Roof length*(m):
Roof height from eaves to ridge*(m):
Pitch of the eaves*(°):
Building height (ground to ridge)*(m):
Roofing material*:
Roof construction*:
Rafter / purlin spacing*(mm):
Number of purlins / rafters*:
Rafter / purlin width*(mm):
Rafter / purlin height*(mm):

PV Array Planning:

PV Panel / Module length*(mm):
PV Panel / Module width*(mm):
PV Panel / Module depth*(mm):
PV Panel / Module weight*(kg):
PV Panel / Module output*(Wp):
PV Panel / Module orientation*:
No. of PV panel / module rows*:
No. of PV Panel / module columns*:
Total no. of PV panels / modules*:


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