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Articles: Further Information & Calculators

Further reading and calculators related to installing solar photovoltaics, electrical systems, solar thermal and other renewable energy systems.

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Solar PV System Diagram

Types of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

Introduction to the different types of Photovoltaic (PV) System available including Grid Tied, Off-Grid, Hybrid and Batteryless solar PV systems.

Fronius IG30 Solar PV Inverter

Solar PV System Components

Overview of the basic components needed to install a complete solar PV system. Introduction to solar PV panels. power inverters, AC & DC isolators and mounting systems.

Comparing Solar PV Cells

Evaluating Solar PV Panels - Which panels to buy?

What to look for when evaluating and selecting solar PV panels for UK installations. Electrical characteristics of solar PV arrays and the safety factors used for selecting BoS equipment, also mounting options.

Solar PV Cell Symbol

Solar Electricity - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to size a system?, What is kWp?, What is the difference between a kilowatt (kW) and a kilowatt hour ( kWh)?, How does a solar PV system work?

Solar Panel Installation

Preparing for a Solar Panel Installation

As with any construction project the success and efficiency of a solar PV panel installation comes down to good planning. Some advice for potential system owners preparing for a new solar panel installation.

Solar PV Feed in Tariffs (FITs)

Solar PV: UK Feed in Tariffs

The Solar PV Feed in Tariff (FIT) is available for everyone including homeowners, companies, farmers and schools. Updated UK Feed in Tariff (FIT) rates from May 2013.

Planning Permission for Solar PV systems

Planning Permission for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

A solar PV installation can be classed as 'permitted development' subject to conditions and when not located within a conservation area, AONB or world heritage site.

Part P - Electrical Safety

Solar PV, Safety & The Building Regulations

Residential PV systems notifiable under Part P. Special consideration needed for Part A. A combination of serious risks for solar PV installers.

Retrofitted On-Roof Solar PV System

Safely Retrofitting Solar PV Roof Mounts

The things to consider before installing a retrofited solar PV system on a roof and an introduction to the type of equipment used to secure an on-roof solar PV system.

Smart Switching / Solar Power Switching

Smart Switching / Solar PV Power Switching

Available as an addition to existing solar PV systems or installed as a package alongside a new system, Smart switching puts full control of a solar PV system's power output firmly in the hands of the system owner.

Solar PV Roof Slates / Tiles

Solar PV Roof Slates / Tiles

Used in off-grid and grid connected solar PV system installations. Solar PV Slates / PV Tiles are installed directly onto roof battens.

Solar PV & Electrical Glossary

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) & Electrical Glossary of Terms

An alphabetical list of many of the industry and technical terms you are likely to come across when installing a solar PV system. The glossary also defines terms that are used in roofing and electrical work as well as in solar PV installation and solar manufacturing.

Solar Thermal System Diagram

Solar Thermal System Design

Overview of solar water heating system types and system components. Useful background for those considering the installation of a solar thermal hot water system.

Wind Turbine System Diagram

Wind Turbine Basics

An introduction to wind turbines and a look at the components that make up a wind energy system.


The effects damp can have on buildings

It is important to be aware that there are different types of dampness with each having a different solution.

Mains Power Supplies & Earthing Systems

Mains Power Supplies & Earthing Systems

Mains Supply and Earthing Systems: Location & accessability, supply systems, earthing, bonding, labelling, installing RCDs.

Mains Power Supplies & Eathing Systems

Electrical Warning Signs & Labelling

A quick overview of some common electrical warning signs and labels that you might find attached to electrical equipment.

Solar Panel Quote & System Design

Solar Panel Quote & System Design

Our solar panel quote and system design service.

Quotations and System Designs are provided Free of charge based on aerial photography and the information that you provide us with.

Solar PV Panel Array Calculator

Solar Panels - PV Array Calculator

Solar Panels: Solar PV System sizing and power yield calculator. Use to work out roof layouts, PV array sizes, No. of panels and power yields. Based on SAP 2009.

Lambda PV Row Spacing Calculator

FlatFix Flat Roof: Solar PV Array Spacing / Shade Calculator

The minimum required space between parallel rows to avoid shading is decided by the height of the array immediately in front, the slope of the roof and the lattitude of the installation site. This table illustrates the different row spacings required for optimum positioning in different locations.

Solar PV Yield Estimate

Free Solar PV Calculators

A list of free solar PV calculators, solar design tools and software, Use to calculate solar yields and the Return on Investment (ROI) for solar PV systems.

Solar PV Glossary

Solar PV Glossary

An alphabetical list of many of the industry and technology terms you are likely to come across when installing a solar PV system. The glossary also defines terms that are used in roofing and electrical work as well as in solar PV manufacturing.

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