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What you will receive

Based on your prefernces and the installation details you provide, you will receive:


1) A customised and itemised quotation based on your preferred design choices including installation costs.


2) A System Performance Statement illustrating the estimated annual electrical output in kWhrs;


3) Projected Feed in Tariff (FIT) income and energy savings.


Notes to this form

Quotations are provided free of charge for with no obligation to purchase or to proceed to a survey


.Only the contact detail and installation address fields are mandatory but for accuracy please provide as much information as you can.


Quotations and supporting documents are prepared manually, we aim to respond to every request within 48 hours.


We cannot respond to enquiries with incomplete or incorrect contact details.


A contract offer will only be made after the quotation and the system design has been confirmed after a survey.



The information that you provide will only be used in connection with this enquiry and will not be shared with any third party. see our privacy policy.



Solar Panel Quote
- Buy Direct from an MCS Approved Installer
- Systems individually designed and optimised
- Installed and commissioned within 2-3 weeks

Tell us about your preferred solar panel installation in the short form below.

Information and prices are provided free of charge prepared remotely using aerial photography and the information you provide.

A. System Design: Please select a design option from each section

1. Mounting System 2. System Size 3. Roof Aspect (if applic) 4. Roof Pitch (if applic)
On-Roof / Above Roof 1-2kWp (4-8 panels) South 0-10 Degrees (flat roof)
In-Roof / Roof Integrated 2-4kWp (8-16 Panels) South East 10-25 Degrees (shallow pitch)
Flat Roof 4-10kWp (16-40 Panels) South West 25-40 Degrees
Ground Mount 10-50kWp (40-200 Panels) East 40-60 Degrees
Custom / Other 50kWp + (Over 200 Panels) West 60 Degrees + (steep pitch)
    Total No. of panels (if known) East/West (panels on 2 roofs) 90 degrees (flat facade)
5. Solar Panels          

Polycrystalline Solar PV Panel

Lowest price solar panels with blue solar cells and aluminium frames

Monocrystalline Solar PV Panel

All black solar panels and frames. Good looks and high performance

Thin Film

Thin Film Solar PV Panel

All black single cell panels with black frame, small footprint


Hybrid Solar PV Panel

Maximum power output per sq metre

B. Property & Location:

1. General description of the installation site or property: eg a three bedroom semi-detached house with a tiled roof in good condition.
2. Address of the installation site (inc postcode)*:

C. Works:

1. Installation Timescale  
Within 1 month  
Within 3 months  
Within 6 months  
Within a year  
Not sure / just looking  
2. Customer Notes: Please tell us anything else about your installation and preferences.

D. Contact Details*:

  Full Name*:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form, please check your answers and when ready to submit click 'Continue' above.

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