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Solar Panel Quotes

Solar Panel Quotes

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Welcome to In Balance Energy

MCS approved designers and installers of solar PV panel systems

Professionally built solar PV systems designed and installed for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural clients in the UK.

Quotations and System Designs are provided Free of charge based on aerial photography and the information that you provide us with.

Solar Panel Quote

Solar PV Panel Survey

A solar site survey includes collecting accurate solar radiation, location and technical data including roof aspect, roof pitch, recording any shading and identifying the electrical and mechanical requirements of the installation.

Clients are then provided with a customised quotation, a contract offer, an individual solar PV power generation report and accurate financial returns calculations.

Surveys and PV generation reports are unique to each client, tailored to the conditions found at the installation site and provided.with no sales pressure and no obligation to buy.

Solar PV & Electrical Glossary

Choosing between solar panels? Selecting the right system components? Complying with the relevant regulations? Calculating revenue from the Feed in Tariff?

The solar PV power basics and more...

Essential 'no nonsense' further reading for anyone considering buying, designing or tasked with managing the installation of a solar PV system.

Solar PV Panel Mounting

Systems and solutions are available for mounting standard and non-standard solar PV panels in a wide range of locations and choice of designs.

Solar PV panel mounting systems available for roof mounting (tile, slate, metal). Roof integration (part and full). Ground mounting (single and multi tier). Flat roofs (inc ballasted).


Solar PV Panel Array Calculator

A collection of free solar PV design software, calculators and other tools used for solar PV system design.

Use to help to work out the physical size of a solar PV system on a roof, likely power yields from a solar PV system, panel row spacing on a flat roof, financial returns available from the Feed in Tariff (FIT) and more.

Solar PV Mounting On Roof / Over Roof

Being in the solar installation business for a while now (since 2007) has given us valuable experience working with all things solar, from stand alone solar pumps through to utility scale solar farms.

We have worked with most type and size of client including farmers, home owners, businesses, landlords, developers and many different trades.

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